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Your nickname displays on the map under your location marker.

Everyone using the same map hashtag as you can see your nickname.

Privacy: You should never enter personally identifiable information in this field (i.e. never your full name) - especially when you're on a public map. It's not wise to share your location and your name with people you don't know.

Anyone using the same hashtag as you will also display on the map.



You can type your own in the box above, or use the Randomise button to generate a random, secure map hashtag.

Security: If you want your map to be easy-to-remember and widely shared, use a plain-english map hastag (e.g. #londonmarathon). If you want a secure, non-guessable map to share privately with a few people, enter a random string of numbers and letters.

Rules: No spaces. You must only use numbers and letters. Capitalisation is ignored.


Looking for your location
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Share an invite link with anyone and you'll see them pop up on the map (if they have 'location' enabled on their device).